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"Profile Video" instead of Profile Picture?

AirBNB are now doing it.

How can we accept a Profile Video in addition to a Profile Picture?

AIRBNB allows you to simply hit record in their account settings and record and save a video to the users profile. This is great!

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Ziggeo is probably the best way to do it.

And they just announced release 2.0 (beta)

How do we save the Inputted Video though?

I see the video input but no ‘video’ type to match the input too in the database. ?

How does one save this Profile Video similar to a Profile Picture?

You save the tag from Ziggeo. You don’t store the video on the database, just the tag. When you specify the tag o playback.

What field type do I create for this input? Text?

Yes, text.

Got it.

Will the Recorder also serve as a player too after the video is created?

In other words will they be overwriting their url in the database inside bubble each time they click UPDATE below? Meaning that if they change something other than their profile video, will it Update the url entry to BLANK?