Profile view like Facebook

The users have to be logged in and then they can edit their profiles, that is there relation.
there then is non members (visitors to the page) who can or should be able to view any users profile by clicking on the repeating groups photo(image) or current cells username. Theoretically that should allow the page visiter to be directed to the profile of that user so they are able to view it in full, just like Facebook.

My database only consists of things with in the profile that is editable such as, location, name,photo albums etc… there’s nothing in my privacy settings. Under custom data types, I only have a user field, hence the above.

my trouble is…no matter what profile in the repeating group you click on, you are always directed to the logged in users profile not that of the current cell user? what makes it worse is that profile is able to be edited…

Ill send pics of my database tomorrow if you still need to see it, I’m having trouble with camera

Thank you for your assistance with this problem I’m having, I really appreciate it.