Profilo just launched in Beta

Hi Bubblers,

Just launched Profilo in Beta, would appreciate any feedback.

Its free to try Profilo while in Beta, no payment gateways have been set up yet so no one will get charged. Please note that this will change sometime next week. If you Sign Up during the Beta, there will be no charge going forward.



interesting idea. Would it be possible to first create your page and then sign up? Or create the page, limit some key features (like a custom url) and only add those when you sign up.

This way you can play around with the actual product before signing up.

@vincent56, thanks much for your feedback. Sorry, I should have mentioned its free to try it out for now. Sometime next week I will implement a way for people to try it out before being charged to use Profilo.

Go ahead and try it out when you get a chance, you will not be charged. :slight_smile:


Sorry, that’s not what I mean. You need to sign up first before you can try even if it’s free. It would be nice if you can try the product without having to sign up. But only when you want to save or publish your profilo, you need to register…

@vincent56, no worries… I can easily implement that. Makes sense :slight_smile:


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Looks good! I’d recommend having a few more product pictures on the site so people can see exactly what you are doing