Programmatic SEO - Indexing

Hi all,

I have built an Australian property dashboard and analytics tool at We have over 10,000 pages serviced through query parameters of which ~3,000 have been indexed.

We have been up and running for ~6 months now but have found it very difficult to rank for low competition keywords, and I think it is because Google is not indexing our pages properly (Javascript rendering issue?).

The reason I think this is because Googlebot seems to be able to accurately read the text and render the rest of the page reasonably well for the home page (i.e., but struggles for a random suburb (generated through query parameters).

Here is the Googlebot render from the main page

Here is the output for a random suburb (one of the other 2,999+ pages)

This is just a hypothesis - and I don’t really know if this is the real reason.

Is there a way to pre-render the page and send to the bots for indexing?

Alternatively, does anyone have any other hypothesis for why the homepage seems to be ranking well and properly read by Google, but the other pages not?

Any help would be really appreciated!!


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