Progress bar and time frame

Hi Bubblers,

Is it possible to have a progress bar based on a time frame, for example a list of 5 dates?





Yes i think it should be possible

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ahahahah, exactly!

We all know how everything is possible, is there something concrete here?

In the meantime current solution is by having on each tab page an isolated time (item), rather showcasing each time in a same row, although all-in-one place (big picture) one will be better for UX.

The max value should be a date in the future, the increments should be each new day before that date in the future.

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Have came to this basic condition “max” usage.


First time using the “max” condition, and have read bit about it, it seems how is made to extract the max value out of multiple values. Could you share is this what you had in mind, as it seems your logic works. Thanks!