Progress bar for deleting a data table

First time poster.

I am needing help for a progress bar to show when my app has finished delete data.


My app is for my workers. My workers will be using the app to post work they have done for the day, which then goes into a excel like table that only I will be able to see. (Screen shot below). I only need to see this weekly. So after every Friday. I would like to press the “delete work log button” which will delete the weekly data that has been stored. I have gotten that to work. My problem is that for whatever reasons bubble takes forever to delete anything above 30 entries. (I timed it to 45 seconds to delete 80 entries) I would like a progress bar to go up as the data is being deleted and and be full when it is done. (Kinda like a video game loading screen does).

I can’t seem to make the progress bar fill up as its deleting the data.

Any other information anyone needs to help . Ill gladly post.

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