Progress in image not displayable issue

Data of user’s profile pictures cannot be visible on the preview stage. Now, the source is not empty but the image is marked as unseen…Any takes on this?

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I noticed in your properties that your image is set to Not Visible:

And how/where to change that? I thought it is randomly set to that state.

That’s set either on the Layout tab - make sure this is selected:

Or in a condtion on the same element (the image) - make sure you don’t have any conditions related to its visibility:

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The first one is checked in. Maybe I should add this condition?

No I wouldn’t add any conditions for now, to keep the troubleshooting simpler. Is your image inside of a group that isn’t visible by default?

Also no. Could this issue be emerging from the database structure??

It’s very possible. As a test, what happens when you add a picture to the default User datatype, add a group of type ‘User’ and an image inside set to 'This Group’s User. On the group, do a search for User:First item (and make sure that’s the user you put the image on). Just to get to the basics and make sure an image can come through…

It isn’t supposed to be that complex…

that is carzy!! Now is set to visible and it still can’t be loaded

So the ‘image_name.png’ may be the issue here - can you show a screenshot of how you’re attempting to load that image in the group / what the datasource is?


Firstly let’s remove the ‘processed with Imgix’, it’d be good to narrow out any possible issues.

Also can you confirm the image you uploaded is indeed called ‘image_name.png’?

No, I don’t think so

One of the guys told to do this: and now its always set as visible but the source is empty now

We’re getting closer, now everything is potentially good,

but image cannot be loaded…

When you Create a New User in step 1 - are you assigning the profile picture in that step?