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Progressive web apps, native apps, mobile apps, hybrid apps, web apps...a breakdown of all the apps 🙂

Hey guys!

Who has questions about progressive web apps, native apps, web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, hybrid apps…basically…all the types of apps?

Now, I know you’ve heard some of those terms before…

But some of them? Probably not.

The thing is, because there are so many terms for different types of apps you might be building – and because some of them overlap in different ways – it can be confusing to know exactly which type of app you’re building.

It matters, though, because if you’re not clear on the type of app, you won’t be able to ask the right questions or take the most strategic steps forward.

Not only that, you might not even know which type of app you can and can’t build on Bubble in the first place (or solutions for any obstacles you come up against).

If you want to get clarity on each of these types of apps (and you really, really should!), take a look at this breakdown.

It’ll help you understand the different types of apps, along with what you’re actually building on Bubble (or what you should be building).


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raise your :raised_back_of_hand: if you havent heard of PWAs before.


Really good to know. Thank you

You can integrate your apps and websites under the same Bubble roof.

10 min. Native App iOS & Android :large_blue_diamond:

very helpful, thank you!

Thank you very much for your help and hint, this information is very useful to me. I independently develop applications for iPhones, which I further promote. When promoting in the initial stage, it is very important to choose the correct and recognizable name for your application. I think for a very long time about how to name your iphone application, and as a result, using a generator based on artificial intelligence, I choose the best option.