"Project" Conditional not conditioning

Hello all,

Total noob trying to get a grasp on Bubble. I am using Gregory John’s “Introducing Bubble: A Beginners Tutorial 2024” video and getting stuck on the conditional for the “projects” menu workflow. I believe I have mirrored his steps and have taken screenshots in an attempt to validate my claim, but I do not get the same results he demonstrates in the video.

Grateful for any assistance to get me back on track.
When I click “projects” I see the url change from
https://project_name.xxx.io/version-test/dashboard ?view=projects

as I should.

I used “view” instead of “v” as my key name, in the video he said “no one cares what it’s called, it can be called cupcake”. Can you help me understand why I don’t see the expected result. I’ve included several screenshots to illustrate my steps.
I know Gregory John is a legend and I am trying to learn from the master, but eager to learn no matter who the knowledge comes from.

Group Project screenshots
from video - group project - conditional from video

mine- group project - conditional mine.png

key from video -

key mine -
views = projects mine

workflow from video -

workflow mine -


PS - If you know of any GREAT beginner Bubble videos/tutorials, open to suggestions.

Hi there, @LegacyApp… if I remember correctly, URL parameters are case-sensitive, and your parameter is “view” but you are getting “View” from the URL. So, try matching the cases and see if that works.


Hello Mike,

I appreciate the tip. I changed both to reflect “view” with the lower case, but still no joy. Any other ideas?