Project idea -Trying to understand the power of Bubble

I’m entirely new to the Bubble and the codeless movement in general. I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials to understand what can be achieved with Bubble. I have a mini-project I want to embark on, I just wanted to ask if it’s possible to build a simple bill-splitting app using Bubble. I’m trying to understand the power and capability of the platform. Any information will be helpful thanks in advance.

Yes definitely, and Welcome to Bubble!

Hi John,

Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for replying to my message, that’s great. Thank you, much appreciated

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Hello @ealder21

I also recently started, and I was also trying to figure out what’s possible and what’s not, and still am on that journey.

The best resource I have come across (thus far) is the Airdev Bootcamp, it’s completely free. Also, Builtcamp has great stuff with Gregory and his team.

The reason I recommend those is that even the best experts in Bubble do not know all the possibilities of it, since it’s quite vast, that’s why understanding the logic of how Bubble works and doing a BootCamp and (high quality) courses, will gradually open your eyes to its capabilities. Every day I am faced with new challenges using Bubble and have to go through different online resources to figure out how to solve each one.

That said, your App seems pretty simple and shouldn’t be too hard to build on Bubble. Good luck!


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The answer to ‘can you build x in Bubble’ is almost always Yes.


Hi Ramya,
Thanks for your message, that is extremely helpful. I will check out Airdev Bootcamp, thanks for the recommendations. I know what you mean, all my spare time is going into watching online tutorials and trying to find step-by-step walkthroughs so I can follow along and gain some understanding of how to do certain things.

Coaching No Code Apps is a channel I follow on YouTube, and so far they have been very helpful.

Good luck with your projects. Thanks again.

Hi NigeIG,

Thanks for your message, thats good to know.

There are so many ways to do almost all functionalities in Bubble, and also as you learn, you will find out multiple ways to do the same one thing. Choosing the right, performance friendly way is the hard part.

I wish there was some more resources, courses around this issue.

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