Project Management Platform - Invite Non-Registered User

Hi there, I am being tasked to build an in house project management platform, and one of the many technical roadblocks that I am facing recently is on how to invite a Non-Registered user (both consultants and 3 rd party contractor) to a specific project page and yet, still allow them to collaborate (post and reply RFIs, for example) without requiring them to register as a user.

Sorry if this is a double post, but I just couldn’t find the post that is relatable to the problems that I am facing.



Just throwing out some thoughts. I haven’t had this use case but here is how I would think about it.

So you will have essentially 3 different categories of users

  1. Registered users who have full admin privileges;
  2. Non-registered users (consultants etc) who have some privileges; and
  3. Everyone else, who should not have any access.

Your app will need a way of knowing the current user is a non-registered user rather than just a random visitor.


  1. You can do this by providing an invite link to your Non-registered user which contains a key. When the page is loaded and if that key is present in the URL, you know you are dealing with a non-reg user. Could also set a cookie on that user so the site remembers them between sessions.

  2. You could create a user account for the non-reg user in advance then they just “sign in” by entering their email address. Assuming bubble lets you create a user without a password.

I should say both of these are not particularly secure, naturally. It would be best to require log in.

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