Projects, plugins not loading with 'not found' in top left corner

Anyone else not able to load anything on Bubble with NOT FOUND in top left of browser window?

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Yep just happened to my editor links and even

@emmanuel @josh :rotating_light:

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Never hurts to tag @sam.morgan, too.

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Hey all - we’re aware of this and working on a resolution!


All set, we’re back :pray:t2:

Thank you for the quick turnaround.

It was literally showing on the top of the forum in orange.

Did everyone not see that alert, or only certain people? It was super clear to me, and nice to see, that they have an alert system on here.

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for the record:

I didn’t have the orange banner… not sure why.

We are still not able to access the editor…

same, nothing on my end yet

@starnapp @mundosanchez1 please check again, there were some apps without editor access as of 5 minutes ago, but we believe those should be fixed now


yes Josh. we are back online! Thanks!

Didn’t have the banner until it was fixed, and it’s still showing now


Well half marks to bubble for getting it right???

@josh Your banner is awesome, if everyone can see it. Please review it’s visibility to all users?

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