Promote feed in repeating group

Hello Bubble developers.

Would you have a best practice suggestion to create a feed in a repeater group that every 4 publications a promotion would appear?

Didn’t find a logic capable of fitting this problem, could someone share an experience?

Example in the image.

Is the PROMOTE a post as well? Or is it image, text, like an ad?

Hello Tyler, It’s also a post.

I’m kind of playing around in my test app to experiment with this, how are you determining what the PROMOTE posts are?

For example the four posts in a row, would you be searching for posts, then the for PROMOTE ones would you be searching for posts but maybe only ones with a yes/no field set to yes that it’s a promo?

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I never looked at the editor for this one, but I remembered that someone did what you are describing, (or at least they did something similar), and here is the post. Hope it helps.


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Yes this looks like what I was making, I was trying to go without the Toolbox plugin but somehow it’s always required :joy:


Thank you very much for your attention, that’s exactly it, I’ll try to implement it, thanks for your attention.

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