Promoted Items in Repeating Group


I would like to have an item in a repeating group be a featured item and standout from the rest. Let’s say someone wanted to boost or promote their post, it may look different or take up more space in the repeating group. I’m not sure how to accomplish something like this, does anybody have suggestions? Also, possibly a wide item that would show up in an infinite scroll of the repeating group every 12 or so posts.


Hi there, @chasebwells… your post reminds of this recent thread.

I’m not saying what is in that thread is exactly what you need, but it might help you get down a path because ultimately, you need a way to mark an item as featured (likely a field in the post data type), and then you can use that way (field) to set conditionals on elements in the repeating group that make a featured item stand out.

Hope this helps.


You can have a field in your data type called “Fixed” (type yes/no).

When displaying the records in your repeating group, FIRST order them by the field “Fixed” and after, order them as you want. Doing this, you will ALWAYS have the fixed records being displayed before the others.

You can also change the line background’s color “if this record’s Fixed = Yes”.

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