Promotional price

Promotional price

Greetings, I have an app like airbnb to make reservations.
Can someone help me to be able to charge extras “X” day of the week and put days on sale?
Example: *from Monday to Thursday the price is: 100
* from Friday to Sunday the price is 150
* and on Thursday there is a promotion of 20 dollars less.

You can set up conditionals depending on how your App is set up.
Essentially the condition to apply would involve checking the day of the week of the Current Date value.

You can do this with Current Date :extract day
:extract day gives you a number for the day of the week (1 is Mon, 6 is Sat)
So to check if today is a Thursday and apply the pricing accordingly, you could do:
Current Date: extract day is 4

Here’s an example of something similar I created yesterday: RepeatingGroup Users filter by DoW - Asset for Bubble Development | Atomic Fusion

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