Prompt a PopUp again and again when the new data is populated

I would like to be able to show a Popup Notification in the Workers dashboard whenever the Clients creates a new NEED (aka job offer).

The constraints i use are the Postal Code of the Need=Current User’s Postal Code, and i would like to add the Job Category <> Current User’s Job Category List of Job (Ayuda)s.

Right now i am able just to show the first Need created to every Worker, but i can’t figured out how to repeat the search if a new Need is introduced in the Data, (or if another Need is present in the data) and match the constraints.

This is a kind of SOS (:smiley: ) after many hours of trying and reading through this forum.

@lester maybe if you have some minutes you can guide me with this matter.


Hi @dan25,

If I’m understanding correctly, the process above works fine, but only when the first Need is added. This makes sense with your current condition of :count > 0 because in order for it to trigger a second (or third, or etc.) time the count would have to change to 0 first. In other words, the count starts at zero, and a Need is added, so the count goes to 1, and the event is triggered. A second Need is added, so the count goes from 1, to 2, but this is not a triggering event because it is still > 0.

Should the search on your Every time event include a constraint of the Need being seen? A Need is created, triggering the event, and as part of that workflow is set to Seen, thus taking the count back to zero, so that when the next Need comes along, the count will trigger when going back to 1.

Hello @mebeingken what i would like to achieve is to create a workflow that search continuously (every x time) for new NEEDs created by the CLients whenever the NEED has the same Postal Code and the same Category with the Postal Code and Category (list) of the Helper (worker in this case).

Right now is firing only the first NEED created in the Database. And maybe the Search for Need’s:count>0 is not what it shoud be?

I tried to remake all the workflow but still nothing. I change to do the search to every 10 seconds (for example) so the user do not have to refresh the page every time.

Basically when the Popup fire, the worker has only to options:
a) if he is clicking X, the Field “Seen by” is updated with this user’s email, and the Popup should not fire again for this user. But the pop up should fire with another Need in the database.
b) If the user click “Si quiero ayudar” (Yes, i want to help) I update the Field of that Need - “Possible Match” with the info of the worker to show after to the Client for accepting or no.

Thank you

Okay, I think I get it. This setup should work:

Here is an event that triggers every time a need is added that a) Has the same postal code as the Current User b) Has a category that is contained within a list of the Current Users categories and c) has not been seen by the Current User and d) has not been marked as a possible match:

What I’m doing here is tracking the number of results in a custom state and comparing that to the search results–whenever they differ and it is greater than 0, then it triggers.

Then on the popup that displays, there is a button that modifies the Need just viewed, and adds the Current User to Seen By, which is a list of users on the Need:

And a similar button for possible match:

This approach handles the fact that there may be more than a few Needs for this User, so the popup displays a repeating group of all the Needs, each with their own Seen/Possible Match buttons:

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You are awesome @mebeingken.

Now the PopUp is firing with every Need Created based on the Worker Category List and Postal Code.

Although, I don`t understand very well this custom state. I tried to replicate the workflow from your example. Can you explain me please what should i do with this custom state?

Right now i show just single NEED per Popup and in the repeating group i have just a single Row.

On the other hand, i think that when i try to make a change to a Need (if I click X or I accept the JOb) how do I populate the same Need that is fired? Because right now is populated the first on the list i think. (maybe because the search is Search for Need’s:first item ? )

I learned so much today. Thank you

Glad you are getting closer!

In the Every time event, there are three steps:

  • Step 1 is showing the popup

  • Step 2 is setting what should be displayed in the popup

    • In my example, it is setting a repeating group to allow for multiple Needs. If you only want to handle one, you can just set the Content type of the popup to Need, and then change this action to a Display data action and set the popup to the Need you want to display.
  • Step 3 is setting the custom state

    • This just performs the same search and puts the count of records in a number custom state, which I placed on the page. You can create the custom state directly from the action.

When you change the Need (X or accept) you can reference either the Current cell (if you use a repeating group) or the popup’s Need if you go the alternate route I describe above. You don’t need to search for the need – take another look at my example screenshots above.

Thank you for the explanation.

I am able to show every single Popup but I am still stuck at the updating the right field in the Database.

What i want to do is changing the data of the NEED, and not the the data in the repeating group. The thing is Search for Need’s:first thing modify the first thing of the exact NEED and not the Need that apears on the Pop up.

I’ll show you pictures of the Database. Sorry if i repeat the question, but how can I manage to update the right field in the Seen by field and Possible Match field?

Now i try to update the “Seen by current user’s email” if the User click X, and update the “Seen by and Possible Match current user’s email” if the User click Possible Match.

I’m sorry, I just don’t understand what you are trying to do.

You say you want to change the data of “the NEED” – if not the Need in the popup, then which Need? I don’t know what the “exact NEED” is.

Hi @mebeingken maybe I am not explaining well.

I want to change the Need (that means job offer) fields in the Database, of the same Need that appear in the Pop up.

And for this reason, it make sense to me to change the Need fields “Seen by” and “Possible Matches” for the current Need (that appears in the current repeating group of the Popup).

I just don’t know how to relate the same Need that appears in the worker dashboard to the same NEED in the database.

Maybe this photo of the Data is helping more?

Thank you

I did it, finally! :blush:

The solution needed was to relate the First Item from the Repeating Group, (that appear in the Popup).
I’ll put a screenshot; maybe this solution will help another person here in the forum.

Thank you so much for the patience and for helping me to learn.