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Proper audio recorder plugin

Hello guys, does anyone a proper audio recorder/reader plugin that would :

  • have an audio input, that could be stored in database as an audio file.
  • have an audio display where a user can play/pause and listen to the audio file stored.

The objective is to basically replicate what you can do on whatsapp/messenger and send audio messages.

I have seen some plugins but none of them work properly or are just crap in the usage and are not customizable.

Thank you in advance for your responses, have a good one !


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thanks for the idea @olivier6. I will develop a plugin like this!

I think @weswas has it, am I right?

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Thanks for shootout @vnihoul77
Unfortunately, my Waveform Audio Player plugin only works for playing audio files.
I am currently working on a feature to record audio with this same element that should be available soon.
I will update this topic once it is live, if @olivier6 is still interested.


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Thank you all for the responses ! @adrianonascentes @weswas @vnihoul77

Looking forward to see what you guys can develop! I’d be more than happy to be a beta tester if needed:)) have a good one!


I’ll keep you updated!
Have a nice one too :slight_smile:

Hey man, any news ?:slight_smile:

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Your post reminded me that I made something similar quite a while back as a quick PoC. I have just tidied it up a bit now here. Perhaps you can adapt it for your needs.

Good morning @olivier6 , how are you?

Unfortunately I have other plugins in production that I need to finish them first. But he’s already on my production belt.

I’m doing good, I hope you too! No worries, looking forward to try it then:)

Good luck for your projects.

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Hey @louisadekoya ! I’ll definitely check it out and give you some feedbacks

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Take a look at this one…
Documentation is poor, but is very nice to work with…

Thank you !!! @augusto1

Screenshot 2022-09-23 09.25.26

I just really wish there wasn’t the step where you have to copy paste the audio url to play it.

My goal is to display what is in the first pic directly on my app page (just like a conversation in whatsapp)