Properly Modify a Specific User

So, I want to specifically modify a user based on their ‘Member ID’ which is assigned by an admin on account creation. However, when I go to set the workflow to search for a member based on their member ID, I get this error:

Any ideas?

You will want to click where you see “More…” and select :first item to specify how you would like to return the search query. You will be doing this quite often in Bubble I suspect :slight_smile:

So this is how I should find a specified user via their member ID?? I do not want to change the member ID. I want to change the other values of a user with Member ID = 1001 for example

You’re almost there :slight_smile: Remove the Member ID parameter line, you do not want to edit that, correct? Then no need to enter it here, you’ve already referenced the ‘thing’ you’re editing by doing the search. Instead click on + Change another field and select the field you would like to edit and enter its value.

I highly recommend completing the tutorials btw, you will learn a ton about the basics of Bubble. Click on Learning Center -> Lessons to enter the interactive in-app tutorials.

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