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Properties not appearing in the 'Appearance' tab for page properties

I’m trying to edit the appearance properties for my index page (page element), but the following properties/buttons are not showing in the tab:

  • ‘Add a stripe’ button
  • Central page area properties (bg type/color)

In one of my applications these properties appear and in the other they don’t.

Does anyone have any ideas?

If this is a new application then these have been deprecated with the introduction of the responsive engine.

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Thanks. How would I now achieve a full screen background image (with the parallax effect) and a central page area of say 1200px wide (with a white background fill color)?

If you set the page to 1200, with a parallex image, it will scale up.

You can add shapes and floating groups.

Play peek-a-boo with the puppy …

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Hey @NigelG

I have done this in my app, but the problem that I have encountered and can’t find a solution in the forums is when you’re trying to build a single page site with a large height of say about 5,000+ pixels.

The background image keeps stretching with no way to set a max?

Ideally I would like to change the background image as it reaches a particular scrolling point but do not want the images to be zoomed-in.