Property Editor Differences

I have seen many videos and courses on the internet from youtube and Udemy, they explain very well how to use Bubble, however the “Property Editor” of the videos is not the same as my in

Why is that?

For example:
“Make this element fixed width”, it doens´t show it in my Property Editor of bubble. It appears in the Lay Out sections and not very clear.

Also, I need to go to Lay Out section, in the Property Editor, to set up the Width and Height. There are not in the same place as I have seen in others pages.

Thank you.



Hi there, @cisternashoracio… the short answer to your question is the videos/courses you are watching were made on the original responsive engine and you are using the new responsive engine (which is now the default for all new apps). There is plenty of content out there about the new responsive engine, and I would suggest searching for that content so you can get a good idea of how the new engine differs from the original one.


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Thank you Mike!
Best regards.

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