Property Management Company. 6500 customers. need individual access with 300 access levels?

Ive resently completed work on a Wordpress portal where we host 6,500 customers across 150 condo buildings that we manage. Im wondering if bubble would be able to accommodate? It already solves many problems we were having with Wordpress.

Basically our hierarchy is:

Admin (Me) - Can see all
Management - Can sell all of their buildings.
Boards just see one building. but all owner info
Owners can just see building info.

We host documents on the site, send infractions notices etc.

Would love to hear what everything one thinks.

at very least it will make a perfect companion for my Wordpress site

Hey @connellyadmin bubble is more than capable of this.

My site runs a similar hierarchy system, with different permission levels. Companies, teams, team admins, users and super users.

My advice is to plan the database structure first before building

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Thats what I have been finding. I already have EXTREMELY detailed tables of all buildings, boards units owners, pet, key fob tenant parking space and door openers. I also have a huge database of trades people with ratings etc

Ive been trying to think of how to do that. They need to be separated by building> The board vs owner. Then they need to have individual records as well.

I’ll DM you and give you a hand

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