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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share my latest Bubble project. For the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of cold B2B outreach. I couldn’t find a CRM that I liked, so I decided to build my own. The product is called Prospekt. It was designed for solo entrepreneurs and very small sales teams doing B2B outreach.

It will save you a ton of time by allowing you to better organize the conversations you’re having with prospects.

Check it out here:

Curious to get some feedback! :slight_smile:


Great job on launching your project!

The landing looks pretty good but I do think it could use a little bit of doing up.

  • The black text on the blueish button feels a bit rough and unprofessional
  • Some difference in the font weights could be nice
  • Adding a bit more info about your features, how it will be better than other competitors and such would be some good information to add. I could see myself coming across this site and clicking out as soon as I can’t see the features.
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Hey @lockymadera. Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

I signed up. I like it. Simple, clean.

One thing I would like to see though - I clicked sent email and the window closed. Got it.

But this means takes on the assumption that I went to my mail client and sent that email. However, when I click the contact their email is not displayed - making sending an email a bit more difficult. Not even sure the email field was gathered on new contact entry.

What I would try to do is build in a POP client so that the emails are sent directly from your program and contents tracked internally. But I tend to overthink things.

Good luck! Looks good!

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback @elledarrow :slight_smile:

What you’re recommending is definitely on the road map. I started building email functionality into V1 of the app, but opted against including it in this first version just to get the MVP out as quick as possible.


What is the reason for the check boxes? Are they supposed to work or is it a design, kind of like bullet points? I ask because I instinctively assume they are check boxes to be checked, but I am not able to check them.

I thought if I checked them, I’d be brought to a place to create a contact or complete a follow up. I thought this because of the “I’ll figure everything out on my own” below the button, which is able to be clicked. My assumption was that if I clicked the text I would bypass some kind of introduction walkthrough.

I tested it and the text does bypass and introduction, because I signed up again to see the prompt and when I press the button I get a prompt to create a new contact, which is nice.

My suggestion there is to make the checkboxes functional or change the design to bullet points…or take a look at how bubble does it when starting a new app and try to mimic to make it a bit clearer.

On this prompt

Set up a conditional to change the placeholder or initial text on the input element so that it disappears on focus…that way the user does less work as they don’t need to focus the input, then highlight the text and then delete it.

Sorry, you can ignore that comment if that was intentional…I just entered all my first contact details and then I saw your message in the grey box under the button; which brings up another point…

If the intention with the “example” contact is to show the user how to create a contact, make a sort of walkthrough showing and explaining…if you search the forum I posted in the past about how to do a walkthrough of an app…you’d be able to fill in the inputs for them…or think about changing the set up so it is clear the intention ( I think putting the message at the top instead of at the bottom under the button )

In the follow up area:

How do I close the grey box with the information message? I clicked every where, even off the group but it doesn’t close…or is it not supposed to? If not, I’d hide the Repeating Group behind it as the scroll bar made me think I was going to write my notes in the space behind the grey information group.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.03.00 AM

Complete this call is a bit confusing…seems like I am about to make a call. Does the CRM have a built in call functionality, so that I’d make a call in the app and immediately after the call get the opportunity to write the notes? Also, make sure you have different text for the different actions…When doing an email sent note, it shouldn’t read complete this call ( unless of course in app calling is a feature )

If I can’t call in the app, I’d consider changing the button text to “save note” or something more specific toward what I am doing at that stage.

I might not say the feed above here…the reason being I don’t see a feed above…I do know that it is where the text “You have No follow Up…” is currently, but another user may not and get confused…I’d suggest changing the wording of the “feed above” to something like “your daily follow up feed or reminders”

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.08.00 AM

The date just above the follow up button…I had an earlier follow up saved…I pressed the follow up button and created a new one. The most recently created follow up appears. So at first it was April, then December, then May…I don’t think it should be up there unless you set it to be for the closest follow up, or a list of follow ups.

In the history repeating group…it should be clickable and bring me to an area to view the details of that “thing”…not necessarily to edit, but at least to see all the details of it. Also consider putting an icon to show what kind of event it is for ( ie: call or email sent etc. )

In terms of events “email sent” maybe should be changed to send email if I am able to schedule a future date to email them…or have two choices for scheduling future emails or creating a note about an email already sent.

Same basic idea for “Meeting Scheduled”…If I am going to schedule a future meeting it should be “schedule a meeting” but if it is just a note about a future meeting maybe make it clearer with wording such as “Meeting Date”

If the intention is the schedule a meeting, there should be a way to automatically send an email requesting a meeting.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.16.00 AM

I am one of the crudest people who will hear speak…I just like to use curse words and have since I was about 2 years old ( my mother used to pour liquid soap into my mouth )…with that being said, I’d change the f*** off part…just because you used the f*** doesn’t make it any more appropriate.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.17.43 AM

What is the orange circle for? I didn’t notice a circle until I ended the sales cycle…if that is what it is supposed to represent, I’d put some text to indicate as much.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.19.16 AM

What is this? I was expecting to delete the contact because I came from this area

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.19.52 AM

If it is to delete contact only, I’d change the messaging to be clear.

I’d like to see stats about how many prospects I didn’t convert.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.22.19 AM

Stats don’t match.


In the menu area:

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.25.37 AM

If there is not a profile picture available, I’d put the first letter of users name in the circle, like what bubble does:

This is the CRM I am working on…on the left you can see the initials

Just simple set up as below:

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.27.35 AM

Can change chat group to users name.

Other than those thoughts and suggestions the app looks great. I like the sleek design you used and obvious you put a lot of thought behind it.

Did you create it to follow up on the B2B outreach for another app you built on bubble?


Awesome feedback for this showcase.

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Woah! Thanks so much for this @boston85719

It’s great to see how other people interpret things like the text on certain CTA buttons and to understand how certain elements of the UI can be confusing for new users. I’m definitely going to go through and make some changes based on your feedback. Thanks for pointing out the bug with the stats not recording correctly too. To answer your question – yes, I did create this to help me follow up on the B2B outreach I was doing for another app that I built on Bubble. Thanks again for all the feedback. Much appreciated :innocent:

I agree!