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Prototype Badge app for bubble

We are looking to build a badge app where one set of Super users can create badges that require a location check in and a photo upload. The other set of Common users can submit their checkins/pictures to the Super users to look at and approve. The Common user is then given a badge.

I had built a few functions but I’m struggling with creating private submissions for the Common user to submit that are generated from the badge of the Super user. Basically, I don’t want one person’s submission to show up on another person’s badge.

I run a marketing agency. Though a bit of a side project, this is a site that would be helpful to have a beta to work on potential further funding. I’m open to either a Zoom for someone to show me my mistakes or a contractor to help us build it at an affordable rate (as it makes no money as of yet).

I already have some built and also XD templates for reference that we built.

Hello @carl5 welcome to the community!

Also, consider posting your requirement on the freelancers area of this forum :smiley: