[Proudly built on Bubble] Spend less time in unproductive meetings

Research shows 53.000 hours are wasted in unproductive meetings every single day. Ough! While technology will not be able to solve this on its own, it can def move the needle.

I spent the last 6 months building Teeming on Bubble and absolutely loved it. Freedom and control and no wasted time in communication with developers or designers.

If you ever run meetings with 4 or more people, offline or online, Teeming can help you save a ton of time while making the meetings more engaging. Feel free to create an account, play around, run a meeting or two… Any suggestions you might have on how to improve I am all ears.

Thank you @scott3 @sridharan.s @romanmg @levon @AliFarahat @gaurav and many others for your support.


Looking forward to trying it out!

In my management consulting days, I’m pretty sure I worked with single companies who wasted more than 53k hours in a given day. It’s certainly a large and systemic problem.


Can we feature you at bubble.is/showcase? Can you email support if you’re up for it :slight_smile:


For sure - thank you!

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Congrats @renelonngren, your app looks very beautiful and well made.
Wishing you success in your business.


Looks great - good luck on the launch!


Great job Rene!
very sleek and polished design, and all the UX is very spot on!
Could you share which plugins from Zeroqode you used in this app?

@renelonngren Wow! This is so thoughtfully designed and developed! Amazing work, René!! Congratulations on the launch!! :slight_smile: :rocket::sparkles:


looks swwweeeet :slight_smile:


That’s exactly the kind of apps Bubble and No-Code world in general needs more of.
Congrats on the launch, and keep up the great work!


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Thanks Levon. Teeming uses the ZQ Rich Text Editor.

Thanks a lot Sean!

Btw, I am using your Air Copy to clipboard plugin but I can’t get it to work in a popup. Would be great if you’d have time to look for a fix. I want to use it so that the meeting leader can copy a link to the meeting notes and share the link with the meeting participants, in email or chat.

Congrats! Very slick! And I like the idea behind it. If you can share I am curious about what (plugins) you used for the drag and drop functionality in the kanban boards and for the round sharing voice recording.

Thanks and good luck!

Hi @renelonngren,
The Air Copy to clipboard issue has been on my todo list for a long time.
I think i know where the bug is coming from but I’m going to completely rewrite the plugin that’s why i haven’t fixed it yet.
But i’m coming to work on it now so hopefully it should be resolved by close of tomorrow.
Good luck


Thanks @FJP

For the drag and drop function I am using the Draggable elements plugin and then I applied what I learned from reading everything I could find on the forum, including this and this). My kanban style board is still buggy and I will be spending more time on making it solid though.

As for your question around voice recording, that is a misleading UI issue (thanks for helping me see that). Teeming does not record audio, instead it assigns a random order to speakers and starts a timer when you press play, so that speakers can see now much time they have been speaking,

There are a couple of audio recorder plugins for Bubble though, this free one from Bubble and this paid from Zero Code.


Congratulations @renelonngren the concept is great and the design is very cool.

The only part that can give your new users some not very good experience is the usual slow (8s) page refresh when you sign-up a user. (in this case when you submit your email). I suggest you consider creating an API workflow for user sign-up to run the workflow on the server side.

Well done.


Thank you for your feedback!

When you add your email Teeming does a few different things (creating a user, creating a new meeting, creating the demo topic, loading the room with all the elements…) so I can not schedule the workflow on the server as they are all needed before starting.

Excelent work!
just see a /version-test … link to correct

I need this app but with some other custom features and modifications to be integrated to my team bubble app. I will PM you with some questions about it.
Congrats again.!

Well spotted, thanks!! Fixed.

Thanks for the info!