Public page with private data?

I have a lead capture form on a page that doesn’t require authentication (i.e., anyone with the link can access it). When someone fills out their information a text is sent to the page’s User. I want to limit the number of texts that can be sent and subtract that number of texts from the User’s allotted count.

How can I achieve this with a public page? I was thinking about creating a data type for the page and set a recurring event where I subtract the number of texts sent from the User’s text count (say every month or so). Would something like that work?

Even when a user is not logged in, they are still a user and as such you can still store data such as this. It is not foolproof, and cookie policy and private browsing will mean it isn’t fool proof, but it should work for most users.

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@nfisher Ok cool so I can just manipulate the User’s text count upon a button click for example. I’ll try that.