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Publish app ios and android

Hello everybody! I am sorry if the question is incorrect.

I worked with a developer and he tricked us with a client. The money was paid to him … As a result, I had to make an application. It’s extremely simple, a tinder clone.

I chose bubble from all systems.

Here are my questions:

  1. I have done all the work with the application in bubble and now I need to make a shell for it (as I understand it, this cannot be done in bubble)

It turns out the chain of actions is as follows:

  1. Doing work in bubble
  2. We make the design (then where and without the code?)
    3.we publish with nativator?

Do I understand everything correctly and maybe you will have some advice?

Sorry again for the weird question.

Thank you for your responsiveness, bubble community;)

Hello @astroib and welcome to Bubble.

You can also use Jasonelle engine (7 lines of text) or use other alternative as described:

10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 :large_blue_diamond:

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Hi, there are several solutions from publishers on Bubble. I can recommend you to try native wrapping from zeroqode Convert Your Existing Web App Into Native Android & iOS | Zeroqode
I bought their template and now also thinking about this solution.

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Thanks a lot guys!

In general, both of these methods are understandable.

But where, then, to make the design of the application itself, the shell?

So that later I can publish the application from bubble along with this shell to the appstore and playmarket

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Entire Bubble shell. You can design your app to work under Web browser AND/OR iOS/Android app. Use the Bubble responsive design to get exactly what you need. You can design your app under one page or multiple pages, depending of the complexity of your app. I personally recommend multi-pages for many reasons.

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As I understand it for viewing the application, but in general, in order to show the client, the webview bubble is enough for me

But here is a service or a program where I can impose a design from a bubble on my application - I don’t know :frowning:

then you need to lay it out on the sites

you can’t do without xcode and android studio in order to lay out the application?

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I heard somewhere that, in principle, a bubble design cannot be done, there is only a skeleton

this is design for my app in figma

but i want to link and edit it in some service…

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No problem at all. Read attentively my post. Many options how to build your app and some tips too.

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Ok, John, you’re right)))

Thank you for your responsiveness and willingness to help!

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