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Publish app to App Store and Google Play

Hi guys, I am new here. I want to build an app like uber and publish to these platforms, and I need to know if the environment will be friendly to mobiles or collapse like wordpress (which is more for computers ) or it needs to use another app maker like Appgyver.

You have full customisation over responsiveness of your Bubble app. You can then use something like BDK to wrap it ( and publish it on the App Store & Play Store.

Thank you very much

Hey @mourthanos ! :wave: Yes, you can build an app with Bubble which will be mobile-friendly.
Bubble even has a separate new engine for responsive apps. So if you plan to build an app like Uber, welcome to apply to us, here is the detailed discussion about Air Native solution for converting your Bubble up to Native iOS and Android.

Please let me know in case additional questions arise :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,

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