Publish time-limited URLs

I want to publish a time-limited URL link and allow users to use it only during a set time period.

I have control on when the workflow page for that URL page is loaded, is there another way?

If possible, I want to control the time available for the URL link to be published.
Do you know of a good way to do this?


What do you mean exactly by ‘link to be published’?

Do users generate the URL by pressing a button, or would users copy it from the nav bar?

When the user presses the button, the URL is generated.

Why not just make the button unclickable and add a little text notice as to why it’s not enabled. This will stop users from generating the links.

Use a similar conditional logic as you do here^ but on the button.

Am i misunderstanding something?

Sorry for my lack of explanation.

I want to send a URL with an expiration date to email a demo page for a product, but it is difficult to reproduce.
So now I am controlling when the user enters the URL page as shown in the picture.

Ideal flow
① Users are issued a URL with an expiration date and a demo page is sent by email.
②Unregistered users can operate the demo page within the URL expiration date.
③ When the URL expires, the link is broken when the URL is loaded.

Best regards.

You can create a thing in the db and then the demo page will be /demo/thing's unique id you can then delete it later and then it will no longer exist. It is expensive due to CRUD operations required. Just giving the option though

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I assume you don’t want to delete the page after the expiration date? Presumably, you also want to have the ability to preview it before it’s actually publicly available.

An easy way to accomplish this is to use privacy rules off a “publicly visible” boolean on the data set and WFs to make the record active and inactive when its published and when it expires.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.
I will try what you say.

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