Publishing / Sharing Themes?

Is there currently a way to share a Theme of custom styles with others in the marketplace?


Hi @gaurav - do you happen to know if this ^ is possible? Thanks

Hi @clayton,
I don’t think that’s enabled by bubble as of now. You can use templates and the styles of those get copied into app. Alternatively you can copy paste styles across apps. I’m not aware if some folks have opensourced their styles on the forum though.


Hi @clayton,

Definitely interested to know more about your use cases regarding style sharing. Indeed, with openBuild, we are currently thinking about the possibility for our users to ‘save’ /‘export’ their styles from an app, for later re-import it in a new app. In parallel, we would also offer styleguides to our users that they can start their app with - and that will be then compatible with the components in our library.

Really curious to know if those features fit with your needs or if we miss the scenario(s) you have in mind ?


Hey @mattmazzega .

For this, I was personally looking to be able to share work with the community.

In the course of doing projects, I’ve often created a clean boilerplate of new styles that help make the UI more congruent, balanced, and professional.

I can reuse these as internal templates, but it’d be nice to be able to 1) share a style sets with others, 2) consume style sets created by others, 3) be able to swap out style sets in a project (e.g. to have boilerplate files for certain types of apps and be able to incorporate different app UI’s independently as you begin new projects).

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Thanks a lot for sharing @clayton
If you are ok, I’ll pm you those days as we could have a way to do more or less that with openbuild - at least 1&2 - in a certain extent :wink:

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