Publishing Template

I just published a template, does anyone know how long it takes till its available in the template store?

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Unless Bubble recently changed the process, it should be instant. Note that publishing the template from the editor is different than making it available for sale.

You also need to have a Stripe account authenticated with Bubble in order to sell templates, since that’s how payments are made.

When you go to, select the template you want to publish > Edit Info. In the popup that appears, check the box I’ve highlighted below. (Disregard where it says “plugin”).

So I dont have Stripe set up, but im not selling it ($0). Do i still need to set up Stripe?

Quick update. As far as I see, your template is listed on the marketplace. See this link

I see it now. Thanks Dan!

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Hey! I’ve published a template in the marketplace but it doesn’t reflects in my stripe account. Does it has anything to do with the fact that I am from India and stripe doesn’t works here?

Until there is no sale it wont reflect in stripe. Also you need to setup when you want to withdraw [limit need to define in your marketplace section ]