Pull cells index from a repeating group

I am currently making a leaderboard and want to show the top 10 people, but have a group below that shows the current user’s rank. I am wondering if it’s possible to pull the current user’s index if they aren’t showing as the top 10 users in that repeating group.

Here is a breakdown of how I have it right now:

I have a repeating group starting with number 4 because I have the top 3 people displayed above.

I then get the user’s rank by selecting the index # and adding 3:

The problem is I want to show the current user their rank but I don’t know what number they will show up in the list of all users.

Hopefully, that makes sense. Any help is appreciated!

Hi there, @crown… if I understand your post correctly, the free plugin I mentioned in this recent reply might help you out by enabling you to get the current user’s position in the list of all users. So, probably worth giving it a look.


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Hey, thanks for the suggestion! It took me a lot of trial and error setting it up but I finally did it.

Thanks again!

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