Pull data from page URL

I’ve been experimenting with sending parameters to a page and pulling data from page URL for profile pages.

I’ve got it to work fine, however I’m conscious that the link isn’t shareable for the user who may want to share their profile or if it was shareable the link would be too long (with all the parameters).

Is there a way that I can perhaps send the ‘name’ parameter data to a profile page and then use that to display different data fields related to that users ‘name’. That way I think it would be a shareable link as it can always pull the rest of the data and the link is reasonably short.


You could look at ‘slugs’ for your page. Which would be a lot more readable.


  1. As @NigelG suggested, let your users choose their shareble name by setting their slugs.
  2. Define a content type for your profile page. Choose “User”.
  3. Now your profile page should be something like “www.mysite.com/profile/batman

Now, as your profile page is an User, you can get all the information you want. You don’t need to send hundreds of parameters in your URL, just send the User, if his slug is “batman”, Bubble will automatically change the 12983719823198379182731 for “batman”.

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