Pull Items that do not have entries in another table

Hey Everyone,

I’m trying to pull a list of items that do not have an entry in another table.

I have equipment and equipmentLogs and what I want to do is show which pieces of equipment have no log entries?

How is the data structured?

I’m not sure I’ll get to an answer, but I have a question. Does AgencyEquipment have a field that is a list of EquipmentLog? The ER diagram isn’t a view of how the Types are literally defined in Bubble so I can’t be sure.

Sorry, I’m not sure if there’s a good software to draw a bubble db diagram.

The equipmentLog has an entry for AgencyEquipment and it’s not a list.

No worries about the diagram tool you’re using.

It looks to me like there will commonly be multiple EquipmentLog records for each AgencyEquipment record. (I’m assuming you’ll be keeping history of use.) In this case, you would be able to solve your original challenge and gain other benefits by adding a field to AgencyEquipment named EquipmentLogs that is a list of type EquipmentLog.

Here’s how it looks when you create it:

Here’s how the type definitions might look:

Note that I named the User WhoUsed, assuming it is not the person who created the EquipmentLog record.

Now, you can have a repeating group search for AgencyEquipment with no logs:

Good luck!

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