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I am making an application that allows a user to fill out a form. Which adds a point on the map. I would like the user to be able to click on the point right from the map, which would make show from the address search for the title, body, photo and architect information. Screenshots are attached below.

The form is working properly, all the information is saving in the database properly and the pins are appearing on the map after submitting the form.

The problem is that when I click the pin I would like I side bar like this to work:

How would I be able to extract the address from the pin when I click it? I would like to pull data from the datbase and fill in the images, title, architect and body copy. How would I be able to do that. I am very stuck, any help would be appreciated.

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The best way to get help here is to share a link and open your app, as other users can jump in. At least show some screenshots of what you’re doing.

The link to my app is architect.bubbleapps.io

This is what happens when a user submits a form:

I got the app to displays markers like on the screenshot using the built in option with the Google Map. But I would like the information to be shown in the white sidebar a marker is clicked.

I am trying to achieve the information displaying in the white sidebar when the marker is clicked, but there is simply no option that allows me to display Current Marker’s (Title, Image, Description, Architect) like there here

As you can see in this image, I have the option to pull information from the current marker and display it in an ugly popup. But I can’t make it display on the white sidebar. As you can see, there is no element action.

Is there anyway that I could make it work? Any help would be appreciated.


Have you watched the video ‘send data to a group’? it’s very much the same logic, except the event is ‘when a map marker is clicked’. Or you have the white area being a group, and the type of content being the same as the marker, and you define the data source as ‘google map’s currently selected marker’

Please let me know if you have resolved this issue.
(I saw in the attached link that it was resolved.)
Have you configured the settings beyond “Google map A’s marker is clicked”?

I apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to your response.


Hello @y-taira welcome to the forum!

Perhaps this video can help

Thank you for commenting and sharing a good video. I have watched the video. I learned some good information.
But I would like to do something like when you click on a pin the information (text, image, etc.) is displayed.
In this video, there is not this information…

Any way, thank you for letting me know!

I am not sure how this one works. If you choose to explore it, please share your findings :+1:

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