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Pulling a link from database

I’d like some help with an app I’m creating. In particular I’d like to upload a CSV with each row containing a link to an online image. I would then like my app to initially display the image from the first row. The user would then add data to that row, click a button and then move onto the next row, thus pulling the image from the second row, and so on. It would therefore look a little like this:

  1. Image pulled from link and displayed on form.
  2. User inputs data. (i.e. colour of product, title of product)
  3. User clicks button to goto next product
  4. Data is saved.

Process is repeated.

The bit I’m struggling with in particular is displaying the image from a link and then moving onto the next link.

Perhaps there is a particular tutorial that would help me to understand how to do this? I mean is it even possible?

Uploading URLs with images, and then displaying works fine. You just map the input URL to an “image” field.

I think what you might want to do is upload the csv with a draft status of some sort, then use that to constrain a form with a search for the “:first”. When the user clicks on the “next” it will update the status to “complete”, and in your workflow you could then search for the next thing that is in draft, and so on.

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Thanks @NigelG. I’ll give that a shot, sounds logical.

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