Pulling data from a cross referencing table

I’m stuck on something really basic, i suppose.
I have a table on AirTable like this:

I’m trying for example, to get the number in red circle.
I would populate a text field with this number for making further calculation, this text field is configured like this:

but i can’t tell bubble to pull data where the column name is a specific one

probably i 've built the table in the wrong way, on the Y axis there are some cities, on the X axis the type of customers, making a cross between this 2 choices, one pulled from a map, one from a dropdown i want the number that will be a discount % for a total price calculation.

any ideas?

So lets say you have 2 possibilities here:

1)You can do a search for in the table and select the field where the value is equal to 15 and so on. This is a static way to go though.

2)For this one, you can put the text you want and Select parent group thing and do your calculations line by line for each Provincia.

If you want to know more or you are having any trouble understanding, let me know

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Thanks for your kind answer.

  1. i can’t search the table an exact value because i’m trying to obtain a value matching the row with the column in this way.

    maybe my table is built in the wrong way, but i can’t figure out.

Practically, what i’m trying to do is:

  • Register a new user with a role, “Ruolo” is type of customer defined in the registration form, like this:

    It is stored in the app data database, so current user > Ruolo, gaves me the correct string back.

  • The customer open an assistance ticket filling an input search with an address through google API, and i can store the “County” or “Provincia in italian” in a text field.

Now i have the 2 parameters i need to make the intersection on the table to obtain the number that will be a flat price for an hour of work. The type of customer matched with the county of the site where the technician will go for working must gave me the price.

i can’t understand the walkthrought of the flow of dynamic data, it’s a little bit confusionary for me

in my last example, the role "Installatore"for a job in the province of Turin (via Roma, Chieri, Turin) must gave me 43 (it’a random number for now)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope I understood it well.

So basically you want a price for an hour depending on the city. You can create a table in your database with all the cities of Italy and each city to have a number associated to it (the price).From there ,when the client selects the city, you extract the price from you table “City” and you can do a constraint when the city the user Selected (for example Roma) is equal to the city on your database(Lets suppose you have the city Roma with a price of 10 euro), You can do the calculations. As Im seeing from your screenshots, you cant extract the city but it would be very good if you could. If you cant, just create a line in your database with the county and associate a price to it.

yes, i want a price for an hour depending on the city AND the type of customer, this is the problem… i can extract the county and the price if my table was containing only city - price value, but i have to match also the role of the customer, and the price must change according on the type, and i can’t do it. in normal sql query, once pulled the correct row i can select the field with SELECT LIKE, but here on bubble?
For making it more clear, if you are requesting an assistance on Milan, the flat hour is 45 euros, if you are an electrician i would make a 20% off, if you are a private individual the flat is ok, if you are a company i would charge 5%. Now i’m testing with hard coded number, once the system is running i’ll make substitution with % value.

Thanks Kleit :slight_smile:

Well this is a more logic way on how to construct your database. You can email me at kleitdaja151@gmail.com to be more precise and we can go on a deeper level. Anyway I am telling you a last idea if its convenient.As I understood till now,you have a user who seeks a service.So what you can make on the database, you can a static table with the City, Ruolo and Price and whatever data you need because I dont know very well and when the user selects the way he wants to do things, you can link this static line to the current user and in a group show these fields I just mentioned. Anyway you can contact me and we could solve this together.

thanks for your time Kleit. i’ll mail you.