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Pulling relevant data from Google places API

So, I want to add an autocomplete search box which allows the user to search for their business name and pulls in the relevant details like address, phone number, and Business name, something like this

However, I’m only able to pull in the business address (I’ve added all the relevant API keys)

The API works because the autocomplete works and the address is pulled correctly, I need guidance on how to add the other details like the business name if I try adding the search input’s value, it gives me the address as a result which I don’t want, I just want the name and I don’t know how to go about pulling the phone number through the API option because it has to somehow be linked to the business name and I’m unable to figure out a way to link that

I know this is a lot to ask but please help me guys

Trying to build a directory of pet stores, and I can’t find a way to pull out phone numbers for listings. Commenting so I get notified, too!

Hey boop, commenting to find out if you were able to fix this issue?