Pulling unique entry from table type

Going to be an easy one this but my mind just isnt focussing!

I have a table where I want to pull some data to display in a spider/radar chart and a RG. The data looks like this…

Name, Value, Date
XXXX, 100, 23/03/2020
XXXX, 200, 22/03/2020
YYYY, 150, 23/03/2020

The name field is a table type from another table so XXXX and XXXX are the same (in fact they are actually ID’s that point to another table)

I only want to see a single entry for each item (and in fact I only want to see the most recent entry) so I would like to see

XXXX, 100
YYYY, 150

However my chart and RG are pulling back all three entries - tried first item but that fails - can anyone help me with this basic issue?

Tried group by and unique but not sure they are the right answer!


Do you have any progress?