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Push data to form fields on change

Hello all - I am trying to create an app that calculates allowable skipper and crew weights based on a formula. I’ve spent a couple of days trying to get this to work and have not found a solution. I need to be able to update values in form fields when one is changed.


If one enters information in any of these fields the calculated values are sent to the other 3. The calculations are not the problem. I can set them all using custom states. But my question is - when a custom state is updated can the new value be sent to its corresponding form field. My workflow is based on looking for a change in the input fields. When a change is detected the calculations are determined from the new value. But the app needs to accept changes from any of the fields to be of any value.

It would be good if there was a way to refresh the page but without resetting the custom states.

Thanks as always
Ray in Canada

Hello Ray,
Because values in custom states aren’t saved in the database, there’s no way to refresh the page without resetting all of the values in the custom state. Custom states can only change when you use a “Set custom state” action. You can work around this by clearing out the custom state in a separate action when the input changes, and then setting the state. The Using Custom States section of the user manual provides additional details on custom states, along with a video guide. You can also always reach out to Bubble Support with the name of your app for suggestions on your specific use case!

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