Push notification / One Signal / Codeless Academy

Hello !
I am building a native app for IOS and Android using Codeless Academy wrapper. I am using OneSignal to send notifications, but I have a problem… It was working perfectly until yesterday where it stopped sending notifications, for unknown reason. Before you ask for it, here is some context :

  • I have well configured OneSignal on free plan
  • I have entered all the API Key on configuration page of the codeless academy plugin on bubble
  • I am still using the preview app of codeless so I have chosen this as the destination when sending notifications with workflow
  • It is not saving OneSignal Player ID anymore for new users
  • Notifications are still working for old users that have not uninstalled the app since the first time they installed it.

If I delete the app, and install it again, will it be the same Player ID or it’s a new one ?

It seems that (almost) everything that is linked to OneSignal is not working anymore. So I have checked my OneSignal account and there is no specific message or something.

Someone has the same problem ?
Maybe someone has an idea of how I can solve it ? Thank you for your help !!

Solution : the codeless plugin was hidden on the page, and when it’s hidden it’s not working…

@nouslouons.france hi there how do you use the app without it (the plugin ) appearing on the page? If you cannot hide it?

You can’t use native features without the plugin, it always has to be on the page but it’s very small. I put it at the bottom of the page