Pushing dev to live bug?


I previously hired a dev from the forum to help me with setting up a stripe recurring bill via a checkout screen. The problem is that it works in development, but when I push it live it does not work. I’ve tried using previous versions but nothing seems to work. Is it a bug for workflows to be messed up after pushing to live? Thanks happy to answer any questions.

Check to see in the plugin settings that the API key is present in both the development and live boxes. A screenshot of the error/settings will be helpful. Workflows do not get affected by pushing to live.

One thing to note is that the development database does not get automatically pushed to live when the app is pushed to live. So if the payment workflow is pulling in some info from the DB, that info may not be available in the live version (unless the DB is migrated from the settings). This may have nothing to do with your error, but just something to consider.

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