Put a date with Date/TimerPicker A

Hi all,

I have 2 pages tests

Page 1 with a form (input Date & time ) and page 2, a page where the information will be deplay

Problem : I want to choose a date and submit it.
But when I choose my date, there is only the date of today.


That’s because you’re telling it to display the “Current datetime,” which is always just whatever day and time it is RIGHT NOW. You need to reference the INFO you created, and pull the date you set there.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you but I don’t where I put these data.
I tried a lot of things :cry:

You’re saving the date correctly in that workflow. It’s the next step that you haven’t set up correctly.

On the page where you have “DATE & HOUR HERE,” you have a second text element on the page. You’re using dynamic data to populate that text element. The way you currently have it set up, you’re saying, “Put the current date/time here.”

What you need to do is make sure Page 2 has a data type of “INFO.”
Then, make sure to send the data of the current INFO to page 2.
Then, make the text element use “Current Page INFO’s DATE”

That should do what you want.

Like this
But still nothing :frowning:

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