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Put a repeating group in a PDF

Hi, I have seen some plugins that generate PDF files from elements. However, if this element is a repeating group and it is very big (to see all the information you will have to scroll the repeating group), all the data that is not visible without scrolling do not appear in the PDF, it gets cut.

Anybody knows about a PDF plugin that can export the full element, regardless of how much of it is visible without scrolling?

I have a very big repeating group that I need to put in a PDF.

Hi @fcastillosa.apps !

I am using @BubbleSam plugin. It is great.

Don’t print the element.Try to print the page. If the page gets bigger (as you rg grows), the plugin will generate a multi page PDF. I think the plugin have this same behavior for groups…

Look at the docxToPDF plugin - you can create whatever look you want in your word docx template and then just pull in the RG data.

This can be done by backend workflows too.

I’ve tried just about every PDF plugin and this one gives the best quality, easiest to create and the only one I think that can do backend workflows.