Put into production a cart made with bubble ---- Poner en producción un carrito hecho con bubble

I have a pornta application to launch and an exclusive compared domain for it. I would not like to put it in the root of the domain, eg: www.mydomain.com but in www.mydomain.com/cart.
It’s possible?
To free the domain www.mydomain.com in case I want to place a landing page later.
I thank you, if you can, guide me to do it.
Best regards

Put into production a cart made with bubble


You can’t assign a /folder, what you can do is assigning a subdomain to Bubble, so you could have :

cart.mydomain.com for your app
mydomain.com for your landing

Another way could be to pot mydomain.com to Bubble directly and set cart as the main page, then when you have your landing page built (inside Bubble), you can change that page name to cart and build the landing in root.

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Thank you very much for your response. The subdomain is the most successfull. Either way you have no need for SEO.

Muchisimas gracias por su respuesta. Lo del subdominio es lo más acertado. De cualquier forma no tiene necesidad de SEO.

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