PUT method not woking in backend worflow

Hi everybody, I’m struggling with this problem and cannot find a solution.

Users with an active subscription can cancel it at any time.
This schedules a flow that will cancel that subscription when the billing cycle ends.

On the backend, the workflow simply uses a PUT method to cancel that subscription on the payment platform I use.


However, this method does not seem to work when I trigger it within this backend workflow.

I have tested cancelling the subscription using the PUT method directly on the frontend and I also did a test in Postman and everything worked perfectly.

The problem arises when the PUT method is triggered within the backend workflow API.
What could be the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Maybe check the box stating “this workflow can be run without authentication”. Also be sure Group suscripcion’s Subscription is not empty. When I am debugging backend workflows I like to add an action that sends an email to myself and in there I will send all variables to be sure everything is actually making it to the backend workflow correctly.

Hi! Thanks for you answer.
Group suscripcion’s Subscription is never empty but I checked that sending an email with parameters in the backend worflow, before doing the PUT call. I also send an email after this call but it never triggers, because the call is not working.

I also checked “this workflow can be run without authentication” but it remains the same.
What confuses me is that doin gthe same call made from the frontend works perfectly.