Put priority on field with filtering a Repeating Group

Hi everybody,

I have a good one. I’d like to filter a Repeating Group. All filter works fine but I want to put priority on some fileds/critreria.

Let’s say my RG contains:

  • Type of vehicle:

    • Plain
    • Car
    • Bike
  • City:

    • London
    • New York
    • Venice
  • Price:

  • 50 - 100
    -101 - 500

  • 501 - 600

The criteria work well together and separately. But I want to put priority on Type of vehicle. In fact, I can’t predict what will the first criteria selected by the user. Even if he first selected 101 - 500 in Price then London and Venice in City before he selected Plane in Type of vehicle, all the filtering should be based on ‘‘Plane’’ only. I mean: Plane / Price and City. But right now, I have all the Type of vehicle that matches with the selected price and city.

Can you help please?
For your information I used basic filter mode in ‘‘Do a search’’ and ‘‘Advanded Filter’’ in the RG. And I have lots of criteria and fields.

Thanks guyz :wink:

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