PWA Layover like Airbnb or Wego

I really like the Layovers and Transitions in the Airbnb and Wego Webapps. How could something like this be made in Bubble?

For example when I choose the return date in the Wego app, it is no tiny date picker, but a complete layover that flys in from the bottom to pick the date. Therefore the whole mobile screen space can be used for this step. The layover can be closed in the top left. It works very similar at Airbnb.

What are those layovers called and is there a way to create that in Bubble?

Well, Airbnb has open sourced and published their date picker –

Shouldn’t be TOO hard to make a plug-in? It is a nice clean date picker. I’ve not yet successfully created my own Bubble plug-ins, but am dabbling in that area.

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