PWA Set Show Install to "Yes"


I have installed the PWA Dynamic Progressive Web App plugin: PWA Dynamic (Progressive Web App) Plugin | Bubble

I’ve followed the documentation but it says “This will only work if the PWA’s Show Install is yes” and I can’t work out how I set it to “yes”, so nothing works. Is anyone able to advise how I can set this please?



Hi @john6 I haven’t used this plugin and have done it the manual way (much more cumbersome).

In the plugin’s reviews I found the link to this instructions video, it’s in Spanish so turn on captions and auto translate. Bubble: Instalar PWA de forma directa en web y movil - YouTube

Hope you find the answer in the plugin!

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Unfortunately the subtitles are in Spanish too. I’ve tried watching it but can’t see anywhere where something is set to Yes.

Hi @john6

I’ve been attempting to turn an app into a PWA as well. Have you had any success with this plugin or any other ways?


Hi @aestela,

Any documentation you might be able to point me to or tips on creating a PWA the manual way?


I see you found my post related to this :slight_smile: