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PWA Setup Recommendations

Hello everyone! I have been super interested in learning how to set up a bubble instance properly so I can publish my very own Progressive Web Application specifically for mobile users. I want to understand how users can save to home screen the application and have it not have a URL bar and browser option on the bottom. I want it to look like a hybrid native-like mobile application. I’ve looked through the forum and searched online, looked on YouTube and it seems this may be a newer concept since I haven’t found documentation that walks a no-code developer like myself through the process of setting up your template (proper width & height) adding a navbar with icons at the bottom, etc… I see there are several options for publishing bubble apps to the app store for more native-like apps such as theBDK, codeless academy, etc.

I want to launch an MVP and am not ready to publish to the app store yet, but I am looking for something that will assist with creating a PWA that can be added to the users’ home screen, and being able to remove the URL bar & browser options at the bottom in the process so I can make it look & feel more native on mobile. Any guidance with setting up the page design & plugin recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


There’s some limitation with Apple when using PWA (no access to mic, etc…). I finally pushed under free jasonelle. It is time value.
link: 10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:


I’m not ready to publish native. I’m just looking for recommendations for making proper adjustments for the PWA app

Hi, offers this service in a straightforward way for Android and iOS. There is a dedicated topic in this forum.
As for responsiveness, just make sure the main page is not a fixed width mode so it can expand within the webview.