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Python and solidity

Hi everyone,

I saw that there are already two topics about this, but as they are a few years old I’d like to ask this question again.

I am new to bubble and I would like to use it for the front end of a project where the user could execute python code and solidity code. For example, a program that would retrieve and analyse data on blockchain by the click of button.

Is there an easy way to add code in Bubble (other than JS)?

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas!

Short answer no. Long answer yes, but the architecture is hard and quite possibly brittle and limited by sandbox security constraints to prevent injection attacks. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate in detail.

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Thank you very much,

I think I’ll stick to Django+React then !

Have a nice day !

Thanks for sharing.

The speed with which you can build apps using Bubble is unmatched, let alone combining Bubble with other cloud services. So, please consider using Bubble, or at least give yourselfsome time to learn Bubble and (maybe with some help) see where you can get.

F.i. using Bubble as a frontend together with cloud services like, Amazon EC2 or your own service or instance as a backend is a very common use case.